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Security is an attitude, not a product.

Our Services

We break down compliance and security into bite sized chunks in order to help your business.

Vulnerability Assessment

Being aware of current vulnerabilities provides essential information to enable focused and planned remediation.

Compliance as a Service.

Providing services to ensure ongoing Compliance.

Producing all required reporting and documentation.

Security as a Service

Providing services to ensure secure operation of your business.

Cyber Awareness

User awareness of cyber security can be the strongest defence you have, preventing  social engineering attacks e.g. phishing attacks, vishing, SPAM, etc.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Understand the Risks, from power outage to third-parties, and contracts to legal requirements

Audit and Accreditation

Certification not only shows customers that you take security seriously, and may differentiate you from the competition, it may also be a requirement.


Manager Anti-malware or licenses


Always on compliance monitoring and altering

Password Management

Password Managers and Policy design.

About us

We view security a little differently!

We believe that approximately 80%  of security can be achieved without buying anything extra at all. 

So how can that be?

OK, so YES, you need Anti-virus and YES you need firewalls etc, but the vast majority of security is gained through correct configuration, process design and training. With just a little careful planning, focusing on the right areas, and spending on the right tools or services, you can achieve surprising results. 

Why Choose Us

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Our Experience

From helping you refine your supply chain management, enhancing human resource strategies, guiding you to choose the right corporate social responsibilities and managing your public relations, we provide all services to ensure the success of your business.
Statistic & Analytic
Audit Preparation
Management Consulting

Our Focus

We live in an ever increasing digital world, where much of our business or process has been moved into the digital world. We can no longer look at compliance as a tick in a box, it is now about staying in business.

By changing the approach of the business and its personnel, Risk and Compliance are welcomed and prioritised, they are indicators of how well the business can withstand disruptive influences, and demonstrates to stakeholders and customers that the business can be trusted and acts with integrity.

Everyday we hear of another data breach, hack or malware, alongside warnings of a shortage of IT Security professionals. This is where we can help, the costs of in-house cyber security advisers may be unobtainable to all but the biggest of corporations, so having that same expertise ‘on tap’ puts even the smallest of business back in the game.

Data can be found in use everywhere

Our Consultants

Meet our team of expert business consultants

Rose Merry

Research Consultant

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Research Consultant

Jonathon Smith

Research Consultant

Aikin Ward

Research Consultant


Don’t take our word for it, hear what our happy clients have to say
Amazing Service. They are very professional and sincere about helping people. I would definitely recommend their consultants to everybody.
Aikin Ward
CEO, Unipie

With the world moving ever more to remote working, it's time to re-assess your security.

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Computers affected by WannaCry

715.8 Million

Malware attacks Jan 2019


NEW attack variants Jan 19

19 million

Ransomware attacks Jan 19


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About us


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