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See how your pathway to simple, effective cyber defence against internet based threats just got easier with Cyber Security Frameworks Ltd, The IASME Consortium and the National Cyber Security Centre. #cyberessentials is the popular Government backed scheme that helps to protect against the most common internet based threats. Today’s launch will make it easier for organisations to find the help they need. Cyber Security Frameworks Ltd can announce that we… Read More »#cyberessentials

Gold Status

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We’ve now gained IASME GOLD status, which is an externally audited and verified assessment of controls, processes, and security.

We’ve just been Certified!

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We have just received confirmation that we are now compliant and certified to the Cyber Essentials and IASME standards. These are the minimum requirement for supplier to the MOD and Government Departments, they will also become a minimum stand for the NHS shortly. This provides assurance that we take Cyber Security and Information Governance seriously, but this is just the start of our certification journey.

Increased Activity from Emotet

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Emotet is a modular malware, first reported in 2014 as a banking trojan, quickly evolved into its current modular form and now supports everything from spamming to theft of emails, propagation is using worm-like exploits, and even incorporates the notorious Trickbot malware as a module. Indicators of Compromise are: 8c551034bd612cf33139ef07f890c0781029e4e4396daa85bed8f312842a974e Trickbot a33353b8af41a2c8c526cf73db3a091e48056c4b5e4e0c1ec13f416bde627754 Emotet

Evernote Critical Flaw in Chrome

Evernote is a popular service that helps people taking notes and organise their to-do task lists, over 4.6 Million users have been using its Evernote Web Clipper Extension for Chrome browser, Researchers have discovered a critical flaw that could have allowed hackers to hijack a users browser and steal sensitive information from any website you accessed. Discovered by Guardio, the vulnerability (CVE-2019-12592) resided in the ways Evernote Web Clipper extension interacts with… Read More »Evernote Critical Flaw in Chrome

Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

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A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Remote Desktop Services – formerly known as Terminal Services – when an unauthenticated attacker connects to the target system using RDP and sends specially crafted requests. This vulnerability is pre-authentication and requires no user interaction. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could execute arbitrary code on the target system. An attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create… Read More »Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability